How to Manage Your Account

Learn how to utilize your Member Compass to get the most of your CSRA membership benefits. These features, part of our association management software, allow  you to manage your membership information conveniently and efficiently. Keeping your profile up to date in the Member Compass ensures that you have access to all the benefits we provide to our members.

Need instructions on how to log in? Learn How Here

When you log into the website, you’ll be redirected to your Member Compass.


Any Logged in user can see their Dashboard, which includes their membership status, personal profile information, event registrations (current and past), plus any orders and transactional history. You may see company information if your account is granted certain access permissions.  

If you are the Primary Contact, Billing Contact, or have been granted Management Access for your Company, you will be able to update Company information, including adding staff, such as contact information and custom fields. You will not be able to edit the company's name. Contact CSRA for assistance if your Company Name needs to be updated 

A breakdown of the Member Compass Tabs

Dashboard: This serves as the home page for your Member Compass. You can click this at any time to get back to this main screen. 

Pay Balance and Account History  

 To pay open invoices select the Pay Balance tab. Need to view past transactions, or print an invoice? Go to the Account History tab. From there you can get detailed information on your invoice history. To make a payment or send an invoice, you can find those here.  

My Events 

Can't remember if you registered for the next event? Take a look at the My Events tab. This section will show any events that you've already submitted your registration. Look for the link next to the event where you can add it to your calendar. If it's a virtual event and starting within 15 minutes, you can join directly from here (the Add to Calendar link becomes Join Now!).  You'll also be able to see a list of past events on this page. 

My Orders 

If you have purchased any products, those orders will be shown here. 


To update your individual profile, select the Profile tab. From there, you can upload the information you'd like to share with other members. This can include social media links, headshots, credentials, or other information you'd like to share. Updating your profile information here will also update what displays on the Member Directory listing.  

Login & Password: Need to update your password? Easily update your login credentials here. 

Payment Methods: Add or edit your saved payment methods here (if applicable). 
If you see the word Company, your account has access to update the Company profile. The Primary Contact, Billing Contact, and anyone on staff with Management Access can update the information. The company logo, contact information, website, address, description, etc. can be updated here. Changes made here will be reflected on your Member Directory listing as well. 

If you see the word Staff, your account has access to update the staff at the Company you have been given access to. 

Frequently Asked Member Questions: 

First and foremost, be sure to log in to the website to ensure you have access to your full member benefits. Need to create an account? Visit this article to find out how.
How do I view and pay my invoices?  
Under the Account History tab in the Member Compass, you’ll be able to view and print transactions that have been billed to you. To view only your open invoices, click Pay Balance. From here, pay your open invoices with the card you have on file, or use a new card. If you’re a Primary Contact, Billing Contact, or have management access, you’ll also be able to view transactions billed to the company and other related contacts. 
How can I tell if I registered for an event?  
Can’t remember if you signed up for the next event? View your registrations for upcoming events in the Member Compass (click on your name in the upper right corner). The My Events tab will show events you are currently registered for, plus events you’ve previously attended.